About Us

DeepLabs is a techno record label. It is a deep music label that is based in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Luke Hess, who is a prominent DJ, is the owner and producer of this record label.


Meet The Team

DeepLabs was founded in 2010 by Luke Hess. As a DJ, Luke Hess deeply admires electro music and creative experimentation. Also, his education in mathematics and engineering has offered him a rational approach to the dance floor for transforming surroundings through frequency, tones, and soundscape.

Inspired by Rob Hood, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, & Mike Huckaby, Luke is one of a kind artist. Moreover, he has over 15 years of DJ expertise and numerous events across the globe. He is popular for personal musical experimentation and for using analog instruments.

Also, Luke’s deep love for music got him a collaboration with Omar S’ FXHE record and Carl Craig’s Planet E label. They teamed up on albums Mowtown Methods and Keep On.

Furthermore, Luke Hess is an incredibly talented DJ who can create a unique and captivating atmosphere for any event. He is a one-man show with the passion and drives to create an unforgettable experience for any audience! Besides this, his expertise in music and ability to read any crowd ensure that the energy and vibe of the event remain high throughout the night. Without a doubt, he always has something new and exciting to offer!

Luke’s ongoing efforts, paired with his unwavering interest will certainly push the boundaries of electronic music. Surely, you get an unforgettable musical experience with DJ Luke Hess!

Latest Artists

Luke Hess

Apart from being the founder and producer of DeepLabs, he is the main artist in the albums of the record label. Most tracks belong to him.


Also known as Alexander Omar Smith. He is a prominent DJ and producer from Detroit and runs FXHE Records. His famous release in DeepLabs is Motown Methods.

Jeff Hess

He is the brother of Luke Hess and made his debut through the release of Cherubim EP.

Brian Kage

He is famous for his release of Decrepit Wonder by DeepLabs. This was released on the 15th of November 2015.

Patrick Gil

He is another amazing artist on the record label. Also, his track Zissou by DeepLabs came out on the 17th of May 2015.

Latest Releases

DeepLabs techno music label offers you the finest techno music available, and you shouldn’t skip a single one of them. So, you’ll discover everything you require, from new releases to favourite downloads, all in one spot!

Apart from this, the Detroit label’s latest releases/albums include:

1. Into The Deep EP ‎(12″, EP), 2019 by Luke Hess

This vinyl format album includes the most famous, diverse techno tracks;

  • Breakers— This track takes the audience on a luxurious, adventurous trip to the soundscape.
  • Depths— This track’s vibrant music makes the dance floor alive and carries the listener to unexplored Detroit territory.
  • Submission— A bass-heavy, rhythmic, sci-fi electronic mix filled with analog arpeggios and firecracker ambient soundscapes.

2. The Sea Was No More, 2 Versions 2020 by Luke Hess & Jeff Hess

This album includes the most diverse techno tracks;

  • Most High—This is soulful analog Detroit techno music that ramps up the floor at the start of the night. Also, it is a soundscape created to raise one’s hands to the lord of the cosmos.
  • Twelve Gates is a modular synthesizer workout for the late-night hi-tech DJ. Moreover, it is a synthesis to fit the description of the twelve gates of the magnificent holy city planned for us in Heaven in the Book of Revelation!
  • Dwelling Place— An acidic and melodious Detroit anthem designed for long DJ sets that last until morning. Thus, mentions no tears, no agony — only happiness, tranquility, and love await us in our last home for all eternity.