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On Friday, January 13, 2023, Berlin-based Tresor will join the much-acclaimed record label, LFT, for an extraordinary event. This is a collaboration with Best Boy Electric, Gesloten Cirkel, L.F.T., Solid Blake, Eric Cloutier, Luke Hess, Polygonia, and Tin Man. Surely, it’s an evening to remember! The renowned Detroit producer, Luke Hess, will kick off the evening with his signature blend of house and techno. His sets emphasize raw elements and suspense-building arrangements. Thus, it’s going to be an unforgettable experience.

Next, Best Boy Electric will take the stage with its signature brand of deep, melodic techno. They are sure to keep the energy and excitement levels high with their unique, driving sound. Gesloten Cirkel and L.F.T. will follow that and showcase their deep, emotive take on techno. Expect to be moved by their captivating soundscapes and powerful basslines. Solid Blake, Eric Cloutier, and Polygonia will then provide a diverse array of sounds too. Ranging from equally hypnotic techno to driving acid-house. Their sets will be sure to keep the energy levels up and the crowd on their feet.

Finally, the remaining artists will close out the night with their signature brand of techno music. The sounds and textures will bring the night to an unforgettable conclusion. If you’re a fan of techno, don’t miss out on this extraordinary event featuring some of the genre’s most acclaimed artists. Without a doubt, it’s going to be an unforgettable night of music in the casino.


Attending DeepLabs by DJ Luke Hess is (the greatest label presentation you may attend in the casino). This event would feature a live performance by the renowned DJ, as well as a selection of his signature tracks. From the moment you step in, you will be awed by the atmosphere of the event. The music is pumping, the lights are flashing, and the drinks are flowing. With each track played, the crowd erupts in excitement.

Additionally, the casino would transform into an immersive experience that combines music, visuals, and lighting. As the music plays, the visuals and lighting will create an atmosphere that will certainly make you feel like you are in the middle of a nightclub.

Furthermore, the casino will provide a great selection of drinks and snacks to enjoy too. Also, the DJ’s setlist is a mix of deep house and electronic music that will make you dance all night. Plus, the label’s artists have come from all over the world to perform live. This is an experience like no other and one that you won’t soon forget. Come join us and be part of the biggest and best electronic music label presentation at the casino. So, be prepared to be taken into a world of sound, visuals, and technology that you won’t find anywhere else!


Orb Podcast presents DeepLabs! Immerse yourself in the soulful techno sounds in this podcast hosted by Luke Hess! His mix, inspired by the DeepLabs parties in Detroit, is a mesmerizing journey through hypnotic and detailed tracks. Experience the captivating and unique atmosphere of the DeepLabs parties from the comfort of your own home. Transitioning through a variety of techno sounds, Hess takes you on a journey of sonic exploration. Don’t miss this opportunity to groove along to Luke Hess’ latest mix and feel the energy of the DeepLabs parties! Tune in!